Ice cream shops in Mason, OH.

Indulge in the sweetest delights near our apartments in Mason

At Somerset, you’re certain to find an array of delectable delights that can satisfy your desire for something sweet. From luscious ice cream to zingy frozen yogurt and rejuvenating shaved ice, Mason, OH delivers an array of choices. Here are three dreamy sweet treat destinations close to Somerset at Deerfield.


Yagoot: A paradise for frozen yogurt enthusiasts, Yagoot is located in downtown Mason. This serve-yourself frozen yogurt emporium boasts a sumptuously tangy, probiotic-rich frozen yogurt array. With flavors from timeless favorites like vanilla and chocolate, to the unique tart cherry and pomegranate, you’re in a treat. Adorn your chosen combination with fresh fruits, candies, or crunchy toppings. With an effervescent ambiance, Yagoot offers a perfect place to relish a revitalizing snack with near and dear ones.

Graeter’s Ice Cream: Graeter’s Ice Cream, a beloved Cincinnati institution since 1870, continues to charm locals and tourists alike with its luxurious range of flavors. Positioned just minutes away from Somerset at Deerfield, here you can indulge your sweet tooth in their famed French pot ice cream. The unique production method delivers velvety, delectable ice cream interspersed with chunks of premium chocolate. With year-round favorites and a rotation of seasonal sensations, there is something tasty for all ice cream lovers at Graeter’s. And their famed “Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip” is a must-try!

Whipty-do!: For a pleasingly refreshing sweet, check out Whipty-do! Shaved Ice. Close to Somerset at Deerfield, this family-owned venture operates from a colorful truck offering a good array of flavorful shaved ice delights. Pick your syrups from a host of exciting options that range from classics such as cherry and blue raspberry to more unique ones like tiger’s blood and wedding cake. Each serving comes piled high with your chosen syrups and you can add on extras like cream or condensed milk, if you so wish. With its cordial service and beachy ambiance, Whipty-do! is a fantastic spot to relax on a scorching day.


With regards to frozen dessert offerings around Somerset at Deerfield in Mason, Ohio, the variety of choices are endless. Whether you’re craving the tart frozen yogurt at Yagoot, the indulgent French pot ice cream at Graeter’s, or the refreshing quaintness of shaved ice from Whipty-do!, this locality has delightful options that’ll grant you a pleasing grin and a contented sweet tooth.

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